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Flooring Products – Hardwood



Hardwood can still be found in homes over 100 years old. Its character and colour have changed over the years, but the wood still remains.

When thinking about hardwood the new trends are matt finishes with wire brushed textures to create  floors that are durable and that can be lived on. Engineered floors bring stability to the hardwood in our fluctuating climate making it possible to have very wide boards which are all the rage these days and can be installed in basement s and below grade.

When thinking about hardwood, many things have to be considered before making a selection. Species, colour, stability, texture, and your household climate will all be factors in the way your hardwood looks 10 years from now.

We carry a wide variety of species, all from established and reputable manufacturers, who offer some of the longest lengths and most beautifully milled products in the industry.




Hardwoods often come in several “grades.”  Grades are based on how much mineral streaking, knots, colour variance, and imperfections each piece of hardwood has. The higher the grade, the less “character” markings you can expect.

Some industry terminology used for grading is Select and Better, Prime, Clear, Select, Character, No. 1 Common.


The humidity in your home is by far one of the most important factors if you’ve made the decision to introduce hardwood as your flooring of choice.

Many of us have hardwood installed without knowing what the climate in our home is. The biggest misconception is being told to acclimate your hardwood in a home that is too dry or too humid. If your home is dry, wood will shrink and crack. If your home is humid your wood will cup and peak. Making the necessary adjustments to your humidity level will correct the wood over time.

Humidity levels in your home should never go below 35% above 55%. Hygrometers are a tool that you can purchase at most hardware stores that will help you keep an eye on your humidity levels.