Kirby’s Flooring is a locally owned family business that has been providing our community with quality workmanship and guaranteed installations for more than 30 years.

Initial Maintenance of Your Floor


Initial Maintenance – within 24 hours of installation

  • Keep traffic light during the first 24 hours so adhesive can dry properly
  • If the floor has been seamed, avoid stepping on the seam sealer for 24 hours so it can dry undisturbed
  • Avoid scrubbing or washing floor for at least three days after installation. Spot clean floor avoiding all seams
  • When moving heavy furniture or appliances across the floor, always use wood or hardboard runways to protect the floor
  • Allow mortar to set before walking on tiled floors between 24-48 hours depending on humidity and thickness of mortar bed
  • When infloor heating is installed there is a 28 day curing time before the heat can be turned on