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Flooring Products – Laminate

Laminate has grown in popularity over the last couple decades for good reason. It’s perfect for high traffic areas, it’s easy to clean and great for people with children and pets because of its durability. Laminate comes in a variety of colours and patterns but is mostly made to resemble wood or ceramic flooring. Some laminates are now even waterproof.

Some of the higher end laminates are hard to distinguish from real hardwood. Actually we’ve had some of our customers say that it even looks better than the real thing! Laminate comes in different thickness. Although the original 8 and 10 mm laminate have a superior core, we also offer 12 and 14 mm laminate to accommodate your needs.

There is a lot to consider when buying laminate.

  • Is the click system durable and will your laminate hold together as the years go by?
  • What kind of pressure is the laminate under and will it be stable enough for your environment?
  • Is there protection in the core of the laminate to stop it from absorbing moisture?
  • How far can you run the laminate before adding an expansion joint?
  • What kind of underlayment do you use and does your environment require vapor barrier?
  • Is my floor even enough to accept laminate or will the unevenness create too much movement?

All these questions can be answered by our experienced sales staff whom are happy to assist you when choosing colours and patterns as well as the right flooring for your specific environment and project.